Green Globes – a Green Building Initiative

By Janet H. Thomas There are multiple assessment systems to engage and assist the Design Community, Developers and Business owners in creating and maintaining sustainable environments. The Green Building Initiative (GBI) worked with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) to bring an internet based assessment tool developed by Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment… Read More

How to Gain Support for your Decisions

Sharing the “why” behind decisions is something Jill Mendoza, our Founder and President of IDO Incorporated, has always tried to do. “But, as Jill explains in this recent Forbes Article, the operative word is ‘tried.’” Over the years, Jill has learned there are multiple factors that can influence how successful you are at empowering team members by sharing the “why” with them. … Read More

Open Offices

By: Brittany Werth The open office plan was supposed to promote a collaborative company culture, create a lighter, happier and more open office environment and promote productivity. Yet articles popping up all over the place paint quite a different picture. So, what went wrong? We need privacy. Togetherness at work can be vital for creation and easy access to one… Read More

Augmented Reality in Interior Design

By: Sara Kotarski Have you ever purchased a large piece of furniture just to find out that it doesn’t fit in the space you intended? Or spent hundreds of dollars on a new sofa to discover that the color juuust isn’t right? Well some furniture retailers, including IKEA, Wayfair, Pottery Barn, and more, have a solution for you. Over the… Read More

Will Your Window Treatment be Compliant?

By: Julie Knight Earlier this year, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) announced a new window covering safety standards in coorperation with the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA).  This standard, ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2018, will require that all stock products sold in stores and on line be cordless or have inaccessible cords. By December 15, 2018, all products manufactured after this date… Read More

How to Gain the Most from your Conference Experience

By: Victoria Numbers Industry conferences have many multi-faceted benefits and can be an incredible experience if you understand how to navigate the event. Here are a few tips so you can make the most of your next conference. Download the app: Most seminars and conferences now offer an application exclusive to the event you’re attending. Although you might think, ‘I’ll… Read More

The Queen of Curve

By Kris Kleinknight I recently watched the first episode of Impossible Builds, a new documentary series on PBS that examines the world’s most complex and technologically advanced construction projects around the globe.  It is a truly inspirational and moving documentary available at Zaha Hadid has become internationally renowned for her revolutionary designs of sensuous buildings that push the limits… Read More

Good, Fast, & Cheap

By: Laken Taylor We often hear three words when it comes to discussing project scopes and budgets. Every client wants every project to be Good, Fast and Cheap.  I love this infographic from Berkonomics website. It speaks volumes to the issue we face daily, that when it comes to ‘good’, ‘fast’ and ‘cheap’, you cannot have all three. As Interior… Read More

Maison & Objet Paris

By Rhonda Wessel I recently had the opportunity to travel to Paris, France in January and participated in Paris Design Week by attending the Maison & Objet Paris tradeshow.  Did you know there is a Paris Design Week?  No, not Fashion Week, which is typically one of the first things that comes to mind when one thinks of Paris.  Yes,… Read More

Serving this Spring

By: Claire Walterhouse With the winter blues being washed away by the spring rain, it’s a good time to get out of the house that has kept you cooped up for so long. While many people will start planning vacations and fun weekend adventures, a lot of people and needs in our community will be overlooked. So instead of planning… Read More