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Why We Love Project Managers (And You Should, Too!)

By: Rhonda Wessel What is a Project Manager?  What does a Project Manager do?  How is Project Management related to Interior Design?  Why would I need a Project Manager?   Here at IDO, most of us are Interior Designers, but we also play the role of Project Manager for several of our clients. We also work alongside other Project Managers outside… Read More

Words of Wisdom on Establishing Monday Morning Quarterback Meetings …

By: Gary K. Pino FMP, SFP Every Monday morning, starting at 9:00 AM sharp, our Management Team calls into an internal centralized number … and the information begins to flow rapidly.  Each Manager has the opportunity to provide details of upcoming project work, team activities and human resources availability & needs.  After sharing each other’s ‘business’, we as team can… Read More

“Begin With The End In Mind”

By Gary K. Pino, FMP, SFP I am sure that many of you are well aware of this Blog’s title: “Begin With The End In Mind”.  Although Stephen R. Covey introduced this phrase & Habit in his bestselling book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, more than twenty-eight (28) years ago, it still has tremendous relevance to this very… Read More

A Real Story

A real story from Aileron, an organization dedicated to helping private businesses grow – In 2014, Jill Mendoza spent 2 days out of the office to work “on” our business by attending Aileron’s Course for Presidents. As Founder and President of IDO Incorporated, she now shares what has changed for her personally, and for her organization, since she took this program.

Professional Development: A definite WIN-WIN for both the Associate and the Firm

By: Gary K. Pino, FMP, SFP It’s time to brag about our Company and what we have to offer, from a benefit standpoint, as we totally understand the importance of our Associates’ pursuit of their professional development.  After all, a company’s most valuable asset and resource is its people … in my humble and unbiased opinion.  “People development is an organization’s… Read More

Awesome Associate “Bench Strength” + A Sound Succession Plan = Successful Firm Perpetuation

By: Gary K. Pino, FMP Over the past few years, our Firm has been kicking around the development of a Succession Plan.  After our IDO Incorporated Leadership Team attended Aileron’s Senior Executive Course this past year, and affirmed the importance of creating and initiating a Succession Plan, we are all systems go and plugging away with getting our Firm’s Succession Plan… Read More

What Makes Long-Lasting Employees?

By: Amanda Medlen I recently saw a headlining article through LinkedIN entitled ‘5 ways to make employees want to be and stay on your team.’  It really interested me, and I am so glad to have read this as I had several applications and relate-able confirmations from my own work experiences thus far. This article is packed and I mean… Read More

My Attendance at Aileron … What an Awesome Experience!

By Gary K. Pino, FMP Professional Development is a huge continuous improvement opportunity and positive investment here at IDO Incorporated.  This win-win situation allows for professional advancement for our Associates and helps to continue to solidify the overall strength of our Firm.  In June 2015, I had the opportunity to attend Aileron’s two (2) day Senior Executive course, and walked… Read More

Project Success Planning

By: Cherie Anderson One of the primary roles of a project manager is to ensure the successful delivery of a product or project to key stakeholders and customers on time and within budget. This is achieved by a collaborative effort of knowledgeable team members, who have a clear defined understanding of their roles and expectations for the said deliverable. While… Read More

Servant Leadership

By:  Lee Boyland As we near the end of the year (can you believe 2014 is almost over!?!), we tend to reflect on the year’s accomplishments and evaluate our performance. In which areas have we succeeded and in which can we improve? One of the many reasons I am so proud to work for IDO is because of the genuine… Read More