“In my humble and unbiased opinion”, it’s time to toot our own (blog) horn.

“In my humble and unbiased opinion”, it’s time to toot our own (blog) horn.

By Gary K. Pino, FMP As I was thinking about a Blog topic to publish this week, as well as what words of wisdom I wanted to share with you, a serendipitous moment occurred.   Our Firm Principal, Jill Mendoza, just happened to share with us a recently received response from a February IDO Newsletter recipient, Susan Fleck of Susan Fleck Photography (please see Susan’s complimentary e-mail directly below). Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 5:04 PM

To: Jill Mendoza
Subject: Re: February Newsletter

Jill, I don’t know if I am allowed to respond to this newsletter. We will see if it bounces back! But I wanted you to know that you all do this better than most companies I know and I always look forward to your blog. The breadth of your articles is terrific. I can tell that each contributor has thought through the topic at hand. You are to be commended for giving your people a break from the duties of their already-crowded day to think about possibilities and what ifs and to post them out for all of us to see and think about. Thank you! Susan As you read Susan’s comments, you’ll see why I felt a breath of fresh air had surrounded me … and for so many reasons.  After all, our research of the topic, passion for the subject matter and the fruits of labor had finally paid off!   In other words, our blogging voice had been heard and was very much appreciated by a fan … and then another fan. You know what “they” say, if you have positively touched just one (1) person, you have accomplished a hundredfold. Jill quickly thanked Susan for her kind note, shared it with our team of Associates and told Susan how we are all very proud of our blogging efforts ~ and how inspiring it was to receive Susan’s positive support! All too often, people are quick to judge, pounce on others and criticize; but Susan’s letter of commendation and recognition was truly impressive!  Her brief but powerful words meant so much to me and were so rewarding that I wanted to tout our blogging success.  We were also pleased to see that our words of wisdom, via this social media avenue, inspired Susan as they cover a wide variety of items of interest to her. In addition to Susan’s feedback, we also just received kudos from Robert Saling of KSM Consulting, LLC.  Robert informed me that he was so impressed that he tweeted it to the whole (Robert Saling) world to see.  He even plans to post it on his LinkedIn account as well.  Then because of the quality of the blogs, he asked me if we wrote our own blogs and wondered if IDO used a ghost blog writer.  I quickly advised him that all of our blogs are researched and passionately written by each IDO Associate on a scheduled basis … to which he positively remarked,  “I have to tell you that for a Commercial Design firm to put out leadership blogs is quite impressive. Not to mention all the other writing that your team has out there. Most companies don’t really generate interesting or compelling information, even though they try and not many at all do it with any consistency. I think IDO does both. In my line of work, I see a lot of companies trying this, but very few are successful and I have to compliment IDO on a great newsletter and what I would consider successful blogging.”

 The moral of this “hodge-podge” of a  blog story is that random acts of kindness, public recognition and telling others they are appreciated for what they do are all wonderful qualities that make our awesome world go ‘round … happy blogging everyone!

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