Out with the old and in with the New

Out with the old and in with the New

By: Gary K. Pino, FMP 2013, oh what a year … for me personally, it ended with a BANG; with the successful Specialized Move Management Project of moving the old Wishard Hospital into an awesome and beyond the state-of-the-art new Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital.  Our collective business partners: Jacob’s, Hogan-Mayflower and BFC/Choreo combined our talents and strengths to make this 1,300,000 square foot dream a reality … “on time and within budget.” Now, with this being a new year, I thought this was an opportune time to share some of my resolutions for 2014.  However, before I do that, I wanted to let you know just what inspired me to write this blog; other than that’s what you are supposed to do at the beginning of each year.  I just happen to serendipitously come across this Motivational flyer that hangs on our kitchen refrigerator and just happen to stare me in the face the past few wintery days.  It’s called “The SUCCESS Alphabet”, innovatively created by Carol Lee Johnson of Mary Kay Cosmetics, St. John, Minnesota. Since the letter “A” stands for ATTITUDE and is the “Key to success,” according to Carol Lee, I also want to kick-off 2014 by focusing on keeping a positive attitude at all times.  After all, Miss Carol Lee believes, “You can do everything wrong, but with the right ATTITUDE, you can’t help but succeed.”

My 2014 Resolutions …

I promise myself:

  • To think only of the best, to work only for the best and expect only the best
  • To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person I come in contact with
  • To be as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am about my own
  • To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future
  • To give so much time to the improvement of myself that I have NO TIME to criticize others
  • To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear and too happy to permit the presence of trouble
  • To focus on creating a positive, contagious and momentum churning culture within our firm in order for us to continue to grow
  • To continuously and most importantly show my family just how much I appreciate them and to marvel at just how important they are to me …

because my ATTITUDE is my life!

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