Our experienced design team transforms interiors with creative and innovative design solutions. All that we do is achieved through the lens of IDO’s core belief in the “Power” of interior environments. This simple belief, that well designed spaces provide those they serve the power to heal, innovate, educate, discover, and sustain, makes all the difference.

What We Do

We create innovative and thoughtfully designed spaces for working, learning, wellness, and community advancement.

  • The role interiors play in wellness can’t be taken for granted. We provide comfortable spaces for people seeking to replenish and renew body, mind, and spirit.

  • Our passion is to create surroundings for your employees to flourish in their work. This is done through thoughtful and efficient planning and coordination.

  • A well-designed environment can help people of all ages be more relaxed, provide focus, and support a wide variety of learning experiences.

  • We understand mission critical environments for municipal spaces large and small, respecting the balance between public accessibility and safety.

How We Work

Today more than ever, design requires a focus on health, flexibility, and sustainability within the built environment. We listen to and understand your unique needs and challenges, enabling us to create spaces that promote productivity, collaboration, and community.

About Our Process
How We Work
Future Focused, IDO Names New Leadership
Future Focused, IDO Names New Leadership
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