<p>Realizing Opportunity</p>

Realizing Opportunity

Corporate Client – Indianapolis, IN
<p>Creating New Energy</p>

Creating New Energy

IDO Incorporated Headquarters – Indianapolis, IN
<p>Promoting<br />
Meaningful Connections</p>

Meaningful Connections

Ivy Tech Community College – Kokomo, IN
<p>Designing<br />
to a Higher Standard</p>

to a Higher Standard

Marion County Justice Center
<p>Inspiring Collaboration</p>

Inspiring Collaboration

Fusion 54 Co-Working Studio – Crawfordsville, IN
<p>Encouraging Creativity</p>

Encouraging Creativity

Indiana University Hodge Hall Balance Room – Bloomington, IN
<p>Advancing<br />
Corporate Environments</p>

Corporate Environments

Corporate Client – Indianapolis, IN
<p>Promoting<br />
Health and Community</p>

Health and Community

YMCA – CityWay

Welcome to the new generation of interior design excellence. Our team of experienced designers is transforming design with innovative, integrated interior design solutions that meet the unique needs of clients. Put IDO to work for your organization to realize your vision.

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