Month: January 2010

Keeping up with Technology

Today, perhaps more than ever before technology seems to nearly run our lives. We rely on technology and specialized software utilities every day. Not only do these advances make our lives easier, but they allow us to work more efficiently and often with higher productivity. Technology has also permeated our personal lives as well. Modern advances and conveniences are now… Read More

How to prepare for the Big Game

Throwing a get together for the upcoming Colts AFC Divisional Playoff Game? As I prepare my menu, clean my house, refill snacks and restock cold beverages for family and friends – surely this goes beyond the scope of any “how to” blog, since a great party can only be defined post-hoc, after it is over, and is the result of… Read More

What was your ‘song’ from 2009 and what will it be in 2010

While driving to work this morning, I was listening to my favorite band of all time, yes; you guessed it – The Beatles. When one of their many hit songs blared through my car speakers, I couldn’t help but think that this particular song pretty much characterized my 2009. With the economic conditions we all faced last year and after… Read More