Month: October 2011

Trends & “Boomers”

I recently received an e-mail from Nancy Ramsey, Sr. Market Manager of Herman Miller, who shared a very interesting link global trends: . The authors, Tracey Keys and Thomas W. Malnight, wrote about the new global trends in North America. During their research, they identified what they believed to be the ten most critical trends “on most executives’ watch list”… Read More

American Craft: Celebrating 70 years of Cultural Influence

While the masses are flocking to the Apple Store seeking the iPhone4, there is an overlooked celebration of American Craft going on that identifies the cultural influences that have shaped craft and its social impact since 1940. The American Craft Council has created a digital timeline to identify the significant moments that highlight craft’s rich history. If you are not… Read More

The Color Red

With fall upon us, the trees are turning vibrant shades of yellow,green and red. Of the beautiful trio of colors, the one that stands out to me the most is RED. Red is associated with energy, strength, determination, power and passion. Red is also known to be associated with the hottest of the warm colors. It can encourage action and… Read More

Take a Break! It is good for you!

I recently read an article in my Alma Mater’s magazine (Go Vols!) about the hazards of sitting in your seat too much. But, here are some tips for being more active and feeling more energetic during your day: • Take a break from sitting 4-6 times a day, even if it is very light activity. • Schedule walking meetings. •… Read More

Greenbuild 2011 – Toronto Canada

While it is great to be here in Indiana enjoying this beautiful Indiana autumn week, for those of us interested in green building and other sustainable building practices, the place to be is in Toronto Canada where the 10th annual Greenbuild International Conference is being held. There is no doubt that Greenbuild will be a game changer for Toronto and… Read More