Month: November 2011

Blog, Blog, Blog!

It is fashionably aceptable to Blog. Everyone does it. The number and variety of Blogs are staggering. In recent internet searches I ran across, there are several that came up that I would like to share with you. Some are serious and some are fun but all show how diversely creative the world has become. Whether you are looking for… Read More

Who has been your inspiration – besides the usuals / givens?

Merriam Webster defines ‘INSPIRATION’ as, ” any influence – especially super natural or intuitive, that stimulates, initiates or compels thought or actions; thought so suggested.” Since this is a festive time of year, and just for fun & laughs, this blog post will allow you an opportunity to share your creativity and list your heroes. With that said, I’m curious… Read More


I just finished reading a book entitled, “Biomimicry, Innovation inspired by nature” by Janine M. Benyus. In the design field, we have been hearing for several years about biomimicry, or copying nature in design and pattern. But this book takes it to a new level. First of all, if you are not familiar with this term, its meaning comes from… Read More


The enrollment window is now closed for LEED AP’s without specialties and many have decided to ‘take the plunge’ and opt-in to begin their 30-hours of Prescriptive maintenance. You could be a LEED GA who is needing to collect their 15-hours, or maybe you are someone who just recently passed the exam and your 2-year window for LEED CMP (Credential Maintenance Program) has begun. No matter what… Read More

The Ikea Effect: Is there Value in DIY?

  How does delayed gratification play into business?? And what do cupcakes and “DIY” (do it yourself) furniture have in common? All of us at one time or another have bought things that have required assembly. Granted, some experiences are more gradifying than others but regardless of the hassel of assembly – once complete, there always seems to be a… Read More

First Friday in Indianapolis

The arts are alive and happening in Indianapolis! Every first Friday of each month, galleries and studios across Indy are open to the public. You can witness the amazing talent of local artists, purchase artwork to adorn your dwelling or office, and catch up with friends that you are bound to run into during your visit. Did I mention it’s… Read More

Quilt Trail

While en route to a weekend getaway spot near Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee this past Labor Day weekend, I was intrigued by some amazing rural artwork as we drove along Kentucky State Road 90. This was a very winding highway with plenty of farmland on either side, and tobacco barns of course. Shortly after we turned onto this road, I… Read More

Building Futures

i.d.o had the pleasure of participating in this year’s Great Start Event sponsored by OfficeWorks, Herman Miller and their alliance partners. The event was held at the Lilly Boys and Girls Club of Indianapolis branch. It was a great opportunity to work along side twenty other A&D firms from our city who willingly gave of their time and talent to… Read More