Month: January 2012

Super Bowl – SUPER TEAM

By Gary K. Pino, FMP With the Super Bowl just ten (10) days away, what a better time to blog about the importance and dynamics of a super TEAM than right now.  Everyday, I receive extremely educational e-mails on how to build a better mouse trap … from team building to teamwork.  It just so happens that I just read one authored… Read More


    By: Shannon Spence Be sure to check out Primary Colours’ upcoming gallery show, Scienceology, Friday, February, 3rd. Artists Jeff Geesa and Ryan Szeszycki collaborative show explores the nature of understanding, of “knowledge”, and the attempt thereof. For more details, including hours and location, visit   Image used with permission of Primary Colours

Plastic Water

By: Tony White I was having dinner with my mom last weekend, and we were talking about her upcoming trip to Hawaii.  Needless to say, she’s very excited to return to Hawaii after having lived there while my dad was in the service.  She is looking forward to visiting the normal tourist spots but commented she can’t wait to visit… Read More

Dim future for 100-Watt Bulb, it is a BRIGHT Idea!

Regardless of what you may know about the 2012 Lighting Legislation, the next time you go looking looking for a standard 100-watt incandescent light bulb most likely they will be missing from the shelves. So I’ll ask the obvious question…why do we want to buy outdated old 100 watt technology anyway when there are so many other better alternatives?  Truly, it’s like going to the nearest Apple store looking… Read More


With most professionals, professional licensure, boards, registrations, and certificates are available for achievement—and may be necessary in order to practice, depending on the particular profession. The profession of Interior Design recognizes the NCIDQ certificate as “The Mark of a Professional” ( Of course, this is not the only thing to go by when hiring an interior designer—there are many experienced… Read More

Office Space 2012 – Does coolness count?

Another new year is upon us and it is customary to look at trends and forecasts for the year ahead. Since most of us work at one profession or another, what does your workspace look like? Is it a gray box? Or is it someplace you look forward to? Whether it is at home or beyond does the coolness of… Read More

Interior Designer, Interior Architect, Interior Decorator…what professional title do you use?

It has long been a hot topic that gathers much chatter and personal opinions amongst many.  I know that I personally have sat through several discussion groups, forums, etc. and participated in much debate over the ‘naming game.’  The topic resurfaced to me as I was reading through one of my weekly LinkedIN feeds that took me to IIDA group…. Read More

Happy New Year! How to Find Your Color Inspiration…

Happy New Year!   The new year  brings great anticipation for new beginnings and fresh starts.  Because we will be spending more time indoors for the next few months,  let’s get busy and start to freshen up our indoor environment.  Paint color can have the most dramatic effect on your space, and it is the least expensive way to update your environment.  Color changes… Read More