Month: March 2012

Generations and the Workplace – An Ever Changing World

By Lee Boyland, RID, IIDA, LEED Green Associate I recently read an article, “Generational Shift,” written by Peter Conant, IIDA President. The underlying message of this article is how interior designers’ roles are changing due to the increase of technology in the workplace and younger generations entering the workforce, thus bringing about more mobile workers. I felt this really hit… Read More

Women in Leadership: What’s Nice got to do with it?

By Janet Thomas I participated in a recent networking event sponsored by Roche Diagnostics and Healthcare Businesswomen’s  Association  Indiana.  Purposed to promote women’s leadership in the Life Science industry the networking event was linked to an inspirational keynote address from Dr. Lois Frankel titled “Get and Keep the Job You Want”.  Admitting she thought she knew her career path until… Read More

We all play a very important role in Office Safety

By: Gary K. Pino, FMP  Being IDO Incorporated’s Health, Safety and Environmental steward, and being responsible for monthly in-house H-S-E training distributions, I thought this would be a great time and opportunity to share with you a brief message on the importance that we all play in Office Safety.  Most important of all is Life Safety … because it runs… Read More

Metal finishes for interior hardware

  Any shape, size and cost! Have you ever seen or touched beautiful pieces of hardware?  Have you ever wondered what the best metal for your hardware is?  Have you ever read something with a code that you have no idea what it means? Well, here are a few fun facts for you knowledge library. The material often affects the… Read More

Carpet Reclamation and Recycling right here in Indy!

By: Amanda Medlen I know we are all knowledgeable of the importance of recycling and being environmentally conscious but I also know that it is just as easily forgotten about.  I think a lot of times it comes down to people not wanting to deal with it or fuss with it…to just take the ‘easy road’ out and toss it.   If we… Read More

Where do Indy Designers go to get things fixed?

By Jill Mendoza: It might not be a 15th-century Renaissance terra-cotta relief, like the Andrea della Robbia that did a back-flip off a wall at the Metropolitan Museum of Art a few years ago. But it might be something you love or use every day and would be sorry to see go. The club chair that’s lost a leg or those… Read More