Month: May 2012

Wildcat Wind Farm Project: Renewable energy sweeping across the Midwest

By: Lee Boyland What is renewable energy? It is energy that comes from sources that are not depleted by use. Examples include energy from the sun, wind, and small (low-impact) hydropower, plus geothermal energy and wave and tidal systems (LEED Reference Guide for Green Interior Design and Construction, 2009 Edition). Renewable energy is something we’ve heard of that is becoming… Read More

US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon

By: Cherie Y. Anderson In the fall of 2011, Purdue University represented the state of Indiana in the US Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon.  The 2011 Solar Decathlon was held at the National Mall’s West Potomac Park in Washington D.C. The project began in 2009 with nearly 200 participants from various Purdue academic departments, from engineering to communications. A team… Read More

Greening the Heartland: Green Fume Hood Technology

by Janet H. Thomas, RID At the Greening the Heartland Convention held in Indianapolis, Indiana last week I was intrigued by a presentation on Fume Hood Technology. Erlab GreenFumeHood system combines innovative product with a pollutant filtration process that allows dirty air to be cleansed via absorption within the filter medium and provides clean air for recirculation within the hood… Read More

How to achieve effective acoustics in a collaborative work environment

By: Donna Metallic ,RID The work environment is more about collaboration, becoming a place of engagement and information exchange and less about solo work; so how do we control all the noise? Throughout my years of experience as an Interior Designer, I have often referred to the industry’s “ABC Rule” of noise remediation.  Absorbing, Blocking and Covering is the principal… Read More

Super Bowl Made into Super Reuse Items by Julie Knight

By:  Julie Knight Did you know that you can still own a part of Super Bowl XLVI? For all those that put it off until the hype was over, the People For Urban Progress is offering you a chance to own a piece of the Super Bowl.  These items came from Super Bowl vinyl banners, fence wrap and fabric mesh.  And… Read More

Apps for Interior Designers

By: Amanda Medlen Wow, how the world has changed!  Technological advances have come so fast that it is hard to keep up with everything.  Recently, I have come across many blogs and promotions for apps relating to the Interior Design profession.  But where do we start?  One of the most interesting apps I found was called MagicPlan by Sensopia.  Basically,… Read More

Does “design” really make a difference?

By Jill Mendoza: I ask this question from a new perspective today because I have notice (most recently) several mainstream publications with printed stories and articles featuring the subject of “design”. For example; Inc. Magazines recent April publication featured a story called “Design that makes a Difference; How I did it.”  In the article Architect David Rockwell explains how he thinks not only… Read More

Earth Day Resolution

By Shannon Spence Every year, for Earth Day, I try to adopt one new habit that will help reduce my footprint on this planet. Ideally, this new practice is something that I will carry forward with me throughout my life, not just a one-time action. Over the years, I’ve found some new habits don’t stick as well as others. For… Read More

Sustainable Labs

By: Tony White Harvard University recently completed a two-year renovation of its Sherman Fairchild Building.  The renovation received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Commercial Interiors Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).  The project tied with a project in Hong Kong for the highest number of LEED-CI points achieved by any project in the world. The… Read More