Month: June 2012

Renewable Energy: A Success Story

By:  Janet Thomas As I was thumbing my way through the April/May issue of American Craft Magazine, I noticed it was devoting a lot of space to sustainabilty and its impact on craft. The article that really caught my attention was on the EnergyXchange in Burnsville, North Carolina. Sited on top of a hill next to an abandoned landfill, the center… Read More

Sustaining Sustainability

By:  Amanda Medlen I recently read an article from EDC magazine entitled “The Green Practitioner: Sustainability as the New Safety.”  Tommy (the writer) brought up a good point about green buildings and keeping them green.  The main point that he was trying to present was that it takes participation of all people using or working in the space itself.  It… Read More

“Safety First” … Did you know that June is National Safety Month!

By: Gary K. Pino, FMP As the Health, Safety and Environmental steward for IDO Incorporated, I am responsible for providing our Associates with monthly in-house H-S-E training distributions.  This is perfect timing for submitting a blog about Safety because according to the National Safety Council, JUNE is National Safety Month. So what??  Why does ensuring safety matter?  Because of the existence… Read More

Destination NeoCon 2012 – Engagement, Education and Inspiration. PART 1

By Jill Mendoza: Once again, IDO associates packed their bags and headed north to Chicago.  Our destination, NeoCon 2012.  This is where the industry kicks off its year and where many design professionals “recharge their batteries” or “drain them” depending upon who you roll with! NeoCon 2012, one of the Chicago’s longest-running trade shows, is a show that introduces the latest wares of the office furniture and building products industry.  Saying… Read More

Take Two and Call Me In the Morning…

By: Tony White The Bayer (as in aspirin) building outside of New Delhi has earned 64 out of 69 points from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental  Design (LEED) rating system, making it the world’s highest point earner in the New Construction category.  The 10,000 square foot building is a zero-energy office building developed by Bayer MaterialScience using their EcoCommercial… Read More