Month: July 2012

Potted Plants Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

By: Donna Metallic Indoor plants can remove all types of air pollutants and improve well being of building occupants.  When plants take in oxygen and carbon dioxide, they also pull in VOC’s, toxins that are released by cleaning supplies, printers, and other household items.   Plants also release phytochemicals that suppress mold spores and bacteria found in the ambient air. How… Read More

Investing in Oriental Rugs

By:  Julie Knight What is an Oriental rug?  The Federal Trade Commission describes these as only hand-woven rugs of natural fibers made in the Near East, Middle East, Far East (India and Pakistan) and the Balkan.  The hand woven, flat-weave rugs, such as the kilims and dhurries are, technically speaking, Oriental rugs; but, in general, Oriental rugs mean those that… Read More

Destination NeoCon 2012 – A place to get engaged, educated and inspired. PART 3

By Jill Mendoza: Part 3 of “Destination NeoCon 2012” series.  If you recall, Part One was about; Sustainability as a Given, and Part Two addressed Evidence-Based Design, PART THREE is dedicated to the idea that “SPACE = ASSET, building a truly effective collaborative organization” In today’s business landscape, it is a well-known fact that people are the primary assets of any organization.  But when… Read More

Destination NeoCon 2012 – A place to get engaged, educated and inspired. PART 2

By Jill Mendoza: As I mentioned in Part 1 of my “Destination NeoCon 2012” series, I have chosen to explore ideas from, three common themes that emerged from this years event.  PART TWO  is dedicated to “Evidence-based Design; what is really defining today’s workplace for tomorrow?” When you talk about today’s workplace, Companies now realize that space can be an asset and it can have a direct and positive impact on performance…. Read More