Month: November 2012

I Like Using Paper

By:  Tony White So here’s the deal.  I am a note taker, a jotter, a list-maker.  I like putting pen to paper.  I like my journals.  I like making lists BECAUSE I like crossing things off my list. No, really… I enjoy the actual motion of striking through the item on my list. I get a charge from it, it… Read More

Join the Conversation

By:  Shannon Spence IDO Incorporated is looking ahead to 2013 and hoping to stay connected with all of our peers, business partners, industry experts, friends and loyal fans. We love to share inspiring design ideas, new technologies, and all things chic for interior spaces. Won’t you join us in sharing your favorite design trends or sustainable design tips?! You can… Read More

An Outside the Box Approach to Measuring Success

By: Amanda Medlen I recently read a blog written by English billionaire and Virgin Group CEO, Sir Richard Branson, about one important measure of business success and I must admit, his comments, and those who responded have resonated within me… Mr. Branson’s blog focuses on happiness as a key measure of success.  In fact, in the article, he referenced, and… Read More

In honor of our Veterans who have blessed us with FREEDOM, and who have kept our country ‘the home of the brave’ … “Thank you, Soldier!”

By: Gary K. Pino, FMP Veterans Day is a time to reflect on all of the people who have served and sacrificed as members of the United States military and to express our sincere appreciation for their service. The IDO Incorporated family would like to take this opportunity to extend a sincere thank you to all of our nation’s veterans… Read More

Is this inspirational or what?

By: Gary K. Pino, FMP If you didn’t hear, read or see first-hand Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano giving his emotional speech to his team after beating the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, then you must have either been out of the country, on another planet or had your head in the sand.  In other words, it was one of the… Read More

The Empire Strikes Back!

By:  Julie Knight Nope! It is not another Star Wars episode. The Empire State Building is going environmentally friendly with a retrofit. And soon you can still gaze out of the same glass in the building’s thousands of windows. That’s because the glass in the building’s 6,500 windows will be reused even as the windows are strengthened. So the old… Read More