Month: January 2013

Am I a Leader, a Manager or both … What’s the difference?

By:  Gary K. Pino, FMP Recently, our staff had an awesome opportunity to visit with a “Small Business” consultant, where we openly discussed a number of topics.  The focus of this meeting was placed on building a more cohesiveness team, improving the channels of communication amongst all Associates and enhancing the general chemistry of the Teams. After being asked a… Read More

The Art of Play

By: Janet Thomas, RID One of the e-newsletters I eagerly look forward to is The Herman Miller A + D Newsletter. Once a quarter I browse through the links to amazing and inspiring stories on Design across the globe. What caught my eye this issue is the dazzling work of Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam. A world renowned textile artist Horiuchi has… Read More

Is Your Workplace Ready?

By: Lee Boyland We all know that our culture is seeing a shift in communication (think social media, e-mail, Skype) and a shift in how business is done (exporting, suppliers, subcontracting), but what does that mean in terms of numbers? As a person who loves statistics, I am happy to share some with you: In a recent survey conducted by… Read More

Not Your Typical Boring PowerPoint Presentation

By: Amanda Medlen Last week, Lee and I decided to attend an IIDA CEU program entitled, “Organizational Culture Card Game (Competing Values Framework).” When reading through the description, I admit, I was a little hesitant about the idea.  Here is that description: We believe Organizational Culture is… simply the personality of a company that contributes to a company’s sense of… Read More

Viva Las Vegas with the help of Sol~

By:  Julie Knight The MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas, NV just completed in October  2012 a $160 million renovation and upgrade to their property. The Grand is the second largest hotel in the world.   And as a part of their corporate business plan, they strive to continually look for ways to save energy, water and other resources. Some of… Read More

A New Year Resolution: Examine the word “Growth”.

By: Jill Mendoza Let’s grow! It is a simple New Year’s resolution for a small business and yes that was the message I gave each IDO associate as we successfully concluded the 2012 year. But then over the Holidays I pondered a bit and realized the single most over-used term in business is probably the word “growth”.  Every business plan, every strategic… Read More

Where’s this going?

By: Tony White Okay, so truth time.  This blog entry started out to be one of those “Year-End Recap” or “Starting 2013 Off on the Right Foot” blogs that seem so popular this time of year. As is often the case when the internet and I interact, I was quickly sidetracked. I came across an article on LinkedIn, which for… Read More