Month: March 2013

“You, Me and Dupree -“NESS” … Teaching a Lesson in Self Awareness

By: Gary K. Pino, FMP Just recently, IDO Incorporated hosted two (2) very nice Interior Design college students from Purdue University (Chrissy Gapinski & Sara Tokoly), who spent the day with us,  job shadowing and getting a taste of the Interior Design profession.  After spending a full day with them: ‘teaching’, answering questions, and sharing our knowledge & experience with… Read More

2050 – A future where American cities are thriving with ethnic diversity & intelligent buildings.

By:  Jill Mendoza So what will buildings look like in 2050? For most of us 2050 is far enough off we may not be thinking much about it but folks like Joel Kotkin, author of “The Next Hundred Million, American in 2050” and the engineering and design firm Arup through their Foresight + Innovation group are envisioning a future that… Read More

Downsides to an Active Workstation?

By:  Julie Knight I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal, entitled, “Falling Down on the Job?” in which the reporter analyzed  the use of different types of active workstations in the office. The reporter looked at the treadmill or walk workstation and the rubber ball since they are the most used item in the current office environment. … Read More

Authenticity Creates Long Lasting Success

By Cherie Anderson In today’s fast changing marketplace it is a challenge to keep up with every new trend or business model.  So how do you achieve long-lasting success in a dynamic global market?  According to an article by Jack Welch of the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University, the key is in your authenticity.  While it is important… Read More

How to beat the Winter Blues

By Janet H. Thomas, RID I know spring is coming. Yet once again I am feeling the weight of winter and longing for relief. Imagine my delight when reading through Shaw Contract Groups e-newsletter I found this gem on the Flower Carpet Festival in Brussels, Belgium. Amazing to see a historical courtyard filled with glorious blossoms in such complex and… Read More

Museum of Islamic Art

By:  Tony Elliott, AIA, IIDA, R.I.D., NCARB I want to thank the folks at IDO Incorporated for asking me to be a guest blogger on their website. I have been very fortunate lately to have the opportunity to travel and see some great places that offer interesting and awe-inspiring examples of design and architecture. This first blog session is dedicated… Read More