Month: June 2013

Bike on…

By: Tony White As you may already know, it was recently announced that bike sharing is coming to Indianapolis.  You can read about it here or here. That started me thinking…  What does it take to make a city bicycle-friendly?  How can we change the behaviors of those of us who get in our cars to drive to the neighbor’s house,… Read More

Are You Productive?

By:  Lee Boyland In today’s day and age, it seems like we’re all in a rush against the clock to get as much done as possible during the work day, right? We’re trying to be as productive as possible – but what is the true definition of productivity? Is what you’re doing on a day-to-day basis productive, or are you… Read More

Health in the Workplace – Are you Standing?

By Janet H. Thomas, RID I recently joined an on-line webinar co-sponsored by Kristy Lotz of Humantech and Wendy McCubbin of Ergotron titled Sit v. Stand, What’s the Best Ergonomic Design? The answer is a healthy mixing of both each day. Here are some of the facts from Researchers global studies: 50% of office workers are routinely in pain, 16%… Read More

The Power of Synergy

By:  Cherie Anderson The ability to work effectively in a team can be powerful. Nothing brings unity to a common cause than to work with others who are like-minded and share the same goal. This is most evident in the recent NBA championship of the Miami Heat. As a team, the Miami Heat players have been crowned “the most efficient… Read More

Ways to improve interactions among employees…

By: Donna Metallic As we start to program work spaces, is there really a theory to our madness?  Well of course there is!  There are many layers that have to be looked at especially on how to improve communication among the diverse work force. “The Science of Serendipity in the Workplace.” Below are a few excerpts from the Wall Street… Read More

NeoCON 13 Buzz Part I: The New Field of Workplace Strategy, is it really “NEW”?

By: Jill Mendoza Aligning work habits with work environment to facilitate efficiency for many of our Clients is becoming a priority.  Many companies, regardless of the industry they are in, are now coming to relay upon their workplace planning strategies to entice and keep the most talented staff and cultivate corresponding results. Many larger design firms and corporations are promoting… Read More

“Work is what we do, not where we are.”

By:  Amanda Medlen I am sure you have heard the phrase ‘Work is what we do, not where we are’ before, but it seems to be increasingly true nowadays.   The term ‘mobile worker’ is becoming an everyday name and with the advances in technology and the accessibility of WiFi, it all makes sense. Over the last month or so, I… Read More