Month: July 2013

Is There Science Behind Clutter?

By: Janet H. Thomas, RID Do you have a problem with clutter? Clutter in your home, or on your desk at work or a sense of being mentally overloaded? The topic of clutter, how it happens, why it is so hard to let go of and tips to reduce it is top of mind today as my child prepares to… Read More

In the Real Estate market, financial gain is dictated by Location – Location – Location and in the business world, success is measured by Communication – Communication – Communication

By: Gary K. Pino, FMP How (well) do you communicate?  As I began to write about this topic, it dawned on me that it would only be honest and forthright for me to admit it – right up front that I am “guilty as charged”!  On what count you ask?  On the count that I sometimes hit the ‘enter’ key… Read More

NeoCON Part II – A Tale of Two Countries with Ties to Indy

By: Jill Mendoza One of the most inspiring aspects of attending professional conferences such as NeoCON is the exposure you gain from innovative speakers who share behind the scenes insights of their most iconic work.  This was so true of NeoCON 13 Keynote speaker Bjarke Ingels, cofounder of BIG, Bjarke Ingels Group in New York and Denmark.  Ingels has developed a… Read More

Advocate for Better Sense

By:  Julie Knight Bradley, a leader in public hand washing solutions for over 90 years, has just come out with a great solution.  It is called the Advocate lavatory system.  It is a touchless hand washing station that delivers soap, water and dryer in one! How many times have you gone into a public restroom and saw paper towels on… Read More

Trending now: animal patterns!

By: Shannon Spence I love all the animal-inspired prints that I’m seeing in fashion and design these days. An animal lover at heart, what better way to pay homage to nature’s animal kingdom? Not just for kids, these patterns are fun and whimsical and could be great in a variety of applications. Designtex just launched three Charlie Harper patterns. Architex… Read More

The Effect of Color on Light and Energy

By:  Daniel Overbey Color plays an important role in our everyday lives. It can influence our mental or physical state, change our buying habits, communicate instruction, warn us of hazards, and help define identity. However, color also plays an important role with managing energy and light. Consider a simple, flat, matte painted wall that is exposed to the sun. Unlike… Read More