Month: August 2013

LED 101 – selecting a quality lamp and things to consider…

  By: Lee Boyland, RID, IIDA, NCIDQ, LEED Green Associate   LED lighting is becoming more popular and available for residential purposes. If you are considering LED lighting, here are some basic factors you should consider: Light Output: Unlike incandescent and fluorescent lamps, which are measured in watts, LED light output is measured in lumens. So how many lumens provide… Read More

Economics of Biophilia – Is Your Commercial Office Space up to Snuff?

By: Janet H Thomas, RID In part II of the Biophilia series we will examine the impact of office space quality on worker productivity. For some businesses direct measures such as number of calls taken or customers served are easily quantifiable and measureable for productivity gains. Less tangible are indirect measures, which include the following: Illness and absenteeism Staff Retention Job… Read More

Sometimes, when it comes to Blogging, I’m guilty as charged, and here’s why…

By: Gary K. Pino, FMP As a group, my IDO Incorporated teammates and I have been blogging for a solid two (2) plus years now … and there has been extremely valuable and worthwhile information being shared with all our E-Newsletter recipients.  We have even received numerous compliments and kudos for all the blog articles that we have published along the… Read More

From Trash to Lush Treasure

By: Lee Boyland What is the largest park in New York? If you guessed Central Park, you are wrong! There is a revitalized park in town – known as Freshkills Park on Staten Island, and covers over 2,200 acres. If you haven’t heard of this park, it’s probably because it just withstood an amazing transformation from the notorious Freshkills landfill it… Read More

10 Ways to Make the Office More Fun

By:  Amanda Medlen I recently ran into this little slideshow/ tidbit of information online.  Not that our office is boring and I was looking for ideas, but rather wanted to see how it compares to our own IDO office culture.  Surprisingly enough, at least in my mind, we captured all of them but one!  The last one “An office Barista,”… Read More

Have you trained your Monkeys lately?

By: Jill Mendoza Recently I had an opportunity to participate in a pilot program sponsored by Butler University College of Business.  The program, “The Women Business Owners Consortium” (WBOC) is focused on helping established woman owned businesses in building and growing a high performance organization. The learning objectives of the WBOC program included a multitude of elements from assessing opportunities to crafting… Read More

Blue Trees for Indianapolis

By: Donna Metallic, RID I just got back from an incredible trip to London with my family.  During our visit to one of the most beautiful churches in all of Europe, St. Paul’s Cathedral there was the most beautiful environmental art installation that I would like to share with you! The Blue Trees in London created by Australian artist, Konstantin… Read More

Bridge the Gap

By: Tony White Fall is just around the corner and I remember a favorite family activity growing up was the Park County Covered Bridge Festival. I read a blog post yesterday that took me back to those days of my youth, meandering around the countryside crammed in the backseat of the station wagon looking at, what I then thought of as,… Read More