Month: October 2013

Not Halloween?

By: Janet H. Thomas, RID Here in Indianapolis we are for the first time in my life cancelling Halloween. This seems unreal and un-natural. Googling Halloween + Architecture to see how the design community acknowledges the holiday resulted in Critical Halloween 2013: Corporate AvantGarde . The third annual celebration, happening tonight in New York City, brings together Architects, Designers and Artists… Read More

End of the year stress anyone?

By: Amanda Medlen As I was (and still am) deep in to end-of-the-year deadlines and meeting project expectations, all the while noticing I was due for a blog, wondered what on earth I was going to write about.  I decided to look into and search out exactly what I was dealing with at the moment. It seems that every year,… Read More

It’s Time to Give Your Desk a Job!

By: Jill Mendoza I usually refrain from giving product endorsements but I could not pass up the opportunity to introduce you to the Stir Kinetic Desk.  Standing desks have long been recommended for their health and productivity benefits but what about a desk that can enable you to sit or stand and one that reminds you to change positions by “breathing”?… Read More

What I want to be when I grow up.

By Catalina Mendoza: It is very common with little kids to grow up and want to be just like mom and dad. Some want to be a doctor just like dad, or a cop just like mom.  Growing up, I never felt the desire to follow in my parent’s footsteps.  My mom is the president, founder and owner of an… Read More

An Empowered Team Culture

By:  Cherie Anderson A work culture can simply be defined as a way of thinking, behaving, or working within a team or organization. One of my minors in college was Anthropology with an emphasis in Cultural Diversity. I have always been fascinated with how and why people behave the way that they do. My curiosity asked questions like; what influences… Read More

That’s Weird

By:  Tony White Wandering around Facebook the other day I came across Spectacular Places’ page.  I was immediately enamored with what I saw.  Photos or nature.  Photos of monuments.  Photos of architecture.  Spectacular Places has all things spectacular. I found the link to the website on their page so, of course, I clicked over … and if you’ve already clicked… Read More