Month: November 2013

2014 Color Forecast

By: Donna Metallic People always ask me, “What color is your favorite?” My answer, I love all color! Colors appeal to everyone in different ways and the combinations you choose should make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and joyous. Be bold and creative and design your own unique color palette to reflect your lifestyle! Here is the latest 2014 forecast from… Read More

Technically, Heat Does Not Rise

By:  Daniel Overbey Heat rises. The adage is one of the cornerstones of passive environmental systems in buildings. The typical anecdote is the hot-air balloon. By using a burner to thrust heated air into the (typically) nylon envelope, the balloon fills with less buoyant gas that lifts it and its passenger(s) into the air. But what if I told you… Read More

Interconnected & Evolving Workplaces

By: Jill Mendoza I recently was invited to Grand Rapids Michigan as a guest of Steelcase.  The main agenda of the trip was to experience and discuss new ideas about the way we work and explore possibilities about what the future holds for the “next workplace”.  Although the agenda for the trip was packed full of stimulating discussions surrounding “Interconnected… Read More

Two for One

By:  Tony White As is usually the case, I am up against a deadline.  This one isn’t project related.  My Blog is due.  My mind is wandering though, the weather is beautiful outside this weekend and I’d rather be out enjoying it.  Camping is something I usually enjoy and I just saw a friend posted on Facebook she and her… Read More