Month: January 2014

Net-Zero Energy

By:  Daniel Overbey The term ‘net-zero energy’ is ubiquitous within the high-performance community today. But what does it actually mean? In practice, use of the term ‘net-zero energy’ varies from project to project and it can be used to reference quantities of kilowatt-hours, energy costs, or emissions. Moreover, it can reference the energy balance at the site scale or consider… Read More

A Cocktail for Creativity

By: Jill Mendoza Want to unleash creativity in your business? Then you may want to check out this article in the January Issue of Inc. Magazine, “Using Neuroscience to Boost Your Creativity” by Ryan Underwood, for it invites us to look to the squishy place where it all begins: the chemistry in the brain. In the article Underwood introduces us to… Read More

Part II: Top Things I Wish I Knew in School

By:  Yvonne Rush and Lindsay Ferro Everyone says “network, network, network!” and boy is that true. Make yourself known and connect with people in the industry. Every interview we had was initiated by other people, and none of the job openings were posted online. Get involved in school through your student chapters of ASID, IIDA, USGBC, IDCI, or any professional… Read More

Top Things – Part One

By:  Lindsay Ferro and Yvonne Rush Being new to IDO this year, we decided our first blog topic ever should be about exactly that, being new. We have combined blogs this week to focus on the top things we have learned as recent graduates and young professionals in the industry. First, a little background information about us… We are both interior… Read More

Pantone’s 2014 Spring Color Report

By: Cherie Anderson With the gray-to-whitewashed days we have been experiencing this winter; it’s easy to take a mental escape and dream of warmer, prettier days to come. While fantasizing about budding trees, singing birds, greening grass and so forth, take some time to check out this year’s Spring Color Report by Pantone. There are beautiful soft pastels balanced by… Read More

And the 2014 Color of the Year Is…

By: Lee Boyland Many designers anticipate the unveiling of the “color of the year.” Pantone has been declaring a color of the year for the past 15 years, and other organizations such as Sherwin Williams identify their own version of the color of the given year. For 2014, Pantone has selected (drum roll…..) Radiant Orchid. Sherwin Williams chose a similar color, Exclusive… Read More

Out with the old and in with the New

By: Gary K. Pino, FMP 2013, oh what a year … for me personally, it ended with a BANG; with the successful Specialized Move Management Project of moving the old Wishard Hospital into an awesome and beyond the state-of-the-art new Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital.  Our collective business partners: Jacob’s, Hogan-Mayflower and BFC/Choreo combined our talents and strengths to make this… Read More

Upcycle, Stretching the ‘What Ifs’ Beyond Sustainability

By Janet H. Thomas, RID For anyone familiar with sustainability the names William McDonough and Michael Braungart immediately come to mind for being champions of upcycling, turning something old and used into something new and useful. The focus of their first book Cradle to Cradle was to encourage the development of less toxic construction products that could be broken down at… Read More

Simplify the New Year

By:  Donna Metallic A new year prompts reflection on how to better oneself and one’s environment, to make the most out of what you have.  It reminded me of my daughter’s recent trip to the floating islands of Uros on Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest navigable lake located between Peru and Bolivia. It is one of the most beautiful and… Read More