Month: June 2014

NeoCon 2014 Trends & Top picks

By: Lindsay Ferro, Yvonne Rush, & Terin Jaggard Top Trends “Residential” was the buzzword this year in office design. Many showrooms used finishes, furniture, and layouts that gave the workplace a more “homey” feel. A big part of the residential feel were the flexible office settings seen in many of the showrooms, to accommodate & adapt to the multiple types… Read More

Joint Craftsmanship!

By: Julie Knight Carpentry joints can tell you a lot about furniture construction. You can pull a drawer open and inspect the joints to see what quality of construction is present in your furniture. From best to least quality the common joints are: Mortise and Tenon Joint – a protruding board piece (tenon) is inserted into a cavity (mortise) of… Read More

Check Out Indiana’s Greenest Spaces: Our State Parks

By: Tony White From the smallest, coming in at 165 acres, to the largest, at almost 16,000 acres, each of Indiana’s state parks is a treasure. If you read my blog from November you’ll remember one way I spend weekends is camping. Many of these weekends have been spent in one of Indiana’s State Parks. As I looked over the list,… Read More

Down but not Out…Design REALLY does matter!

By: Amanda Medlen This past week I had an unfortunate turn of events that led me to an overnight stay in the ER.  Oh! I should first say that I am completely fine and recouping quite well!  Thanks!  Without going into details I was very nervous about the situation and will admit was pretty scared once admitted. They ran all… Read More

IUPUI IAC offers Energy Assessments

By: Jill Mendoza For the last four years I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to serve on IUPUI’s School of Engineering and Technology Deans Advisory Council or better known as DIAC. My involvement on the Dean’s Industry Advisory Counsel, has given me an up close and personal perspective of the University’s vision in action. A vision of… Read More