Month: July 2014

Using Design in Everyday Life

By:  Rhonda Wessel This week at our house it’s all about Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  Well, everyday at our house is a Disney day when you have a four year old running around playing dress up, watching Disney Junior and playing with every Disney Princess Barbie size doll ever made, and yes we finally found both dolls from the… Read More

Wind Turbines: Are They Slowing Down?

By:  Julie Knight Do wind turbines last as long as other forms of renewable energy technologies? Previous belief was that the turbines would rapidly decrease output with time. I read an article in Buildings magazine in which they discussed this issue.  A recent  study has indicated that over the course of the wind turbines use, it maintains it output to… Read More

Are Straws Recyclable?

By:  Tony White So I wondered to myself about awhile back, “are straws recyclable?” Oh by the way, according to the US uses 500 million straws a day. That was every day. Umm, yeah, that would fill 127 school buses each day or 46,400 school buses every year. I digress, back to my question. The answer is yes and no…. Read More

“A pretty bold-faced attempt to stifle competition”.

By: Jill Mendoza In Mike Hicks’s article published in the July 14-20th IBJ, “Indiana good, but not optimal, for small firms”, his comment “At least Indiana did away with licensing hypnotists in 2010, but we do maintain a registry of interior designers and installers of manufactured homes.  All of this is a pretty bald-faced attempt to stifle competition.” is grossly… Read More

Workplace design for today’s “knowledge worker”:

By: Jill Mendoza We all know when the design industry claims the design of the workplace impacts performance, employee engagement and innovation the underlining intent of this message can be received with suspicion due to the pretext of self-promotion. And, rightly so, for there is an overabundance of literature and survey’s, mainly from the industry, on this subject.  As a consumer of… Read More

Interview with an Interior Design Intern

By: Catalina Mendoza Tell us a little bit about yourself: As a young adult focusing on what I want to do in life, I chose to attend Ball State University (Muncie, IN) and major in Interior Design. I am a young intern and only going to be a sophomore in the fall. I interned at IDO last summer, and I… Read More

Just another day at the office … or the dreaded “S” word

By: Gary K. Pino, FMP Can you believe it, when I began working in an office (way back in the day), cigarette, cigar and pipe smoking were all allowed and socially accepted? The office setting actually looked like a scene taken from the hit TV show, Madmen, with Don Draper endlessly puffing away. Despite the various clouds of smoke over-head,… Read More

Mission Critical Environments

By:  Janet H. Thomas, R.I.D. I’m truly a privileged person. I have the honor of working for a business owner who is passionate about our company, so passionate that she takes risks to make it be better every day. Earlier this year Jill wrote about the President’s program she attended at Aileron’s facility. I too have been to Aileron to… Read More

Sleeping on the Job!?

by: Lee Boyland We’ve all found ourselves a little sleepy at work, right? A case of the 2:30’s? According to the CDC, (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), an overwhelming 50 – 70 million people suffer from a sleep or wakefulness disorder. Sleep and wakefulness disorders can cause occupational errors (no matter your occupation!), car crashes and industrial accidents. It… Read More