Month: August 2014

Biophilic Effects of Imagery in Interior Environments

By:  Daniel Overbey It has been 30 years since Harvard biologist Edward O. Wilson, Ph.D., first published his seminal book, Biophilia, which coined the term contending that people have an innate, seemingly hardwired affinity for nature (Harvard University Press, 1984). According to Wilson’s hypothesis, all human beings have a genetically-based relationship to the dynamic sensory effects of nature. Moreover, the potential… Read More

Stand up for healthy & effective meetings

By: Jill Mendoza I recently heard an interesting report on NPR regarding “The secret to more productive meetings?  You might simply need to stand up.”  In the report a pair of professors at the Washington University’s Olin Business School, asked the questions: “Should the standing trend expand beyond ones workspace?  Could it help meetings, too?” After testing their theory, the Olin… Read More

Top 10 Places to Visit for Design Inspiration

By: Lindsay Ferro Summer vacations are in full swing this time of year. There are so many places to see in our country, let alone in the world that sometimes it can be overwhelming just to think about. I’ve almost lived in Indy for a year and I’m still exploring all the local places to go! Of course as a… Read More

New BIFMA Standards

By: Donna Metallic Here is the latest information from Business + Institutional furniture manufacturers association- BIFMA sponsors the development of safety and performance standards, provides industry statistics and forecasts, advocates for regulatory conditions that foster value and innovation. New version of the ANSI/BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard. This revised edition (e3-2014) replaces the 2012 edition (e3-2012). The new edition of… Read More

There are Steps and then there are Steps

By: Janet H. Thomas, RID As Commercial Interior Designers we are first and foremost concerned about life safety. There are many factors surrounding the planning of safe pathways for pedestrian circulation. With steps and stairs look at height to depth ratios, placement of landings, design of handrails, slippage, visibility, lighting, required width for the forecast population and finish material application. Commercial… Read More