Month: September 2014

2015 Color Forecasts: The Adventure

By: Julie Knight I just reviewed the 2015 color forecast by Sherwin Williams.  They are calling the collection the “Colormix, Optimistic Odyssey”.   The Colormix has four difference color palettes, Chrysalis, Voyage, Buoyant and Unrestrained. Chrysalis is the stage, like the caterpillar soon to be a butterfly, where change can happen.  This palette of colors draws it inspiration from the earth’s… Read More

Is Privacy in the Workplace Important?

By: Rhonda Wessel Steelcase has a great article in their 360 degree Magazine online on The Privacy Crisis, Issue 68.  Steelcase did research on how working in an open office environment affects employee engagement and surveyed employees from around the world on privacy in the workplace.  It talks about how lack of privacy in an open office or collaborative working… Read More

Yeah… What Jimmy Said

By: Tony White I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now.  The California state legislature passed a state-wide ban on plastic bag use.  Sure there are municipalities and counties that have enacted such bans, but this is the first state-wide ban on plastic bags. Without getting political about this, I say, congratulations California. If you’re like me you have a… Read More