Month: November 2014

Modern Making History

By: Tony White Imagine, if you will, a bicycle crossed with an Eames Molded Plywood Chair and a Razor Scooter. What you get is the dandy horse with a modern re-designed by Noir Vif Studio. What’s a dandy horse you ask. Well, so did I. Unlike what the name may imply it is NOT an equine dolled up in lace… Read More

Utilizing Dynamic Metrics to Balance Daylighting and Energy Performance

By:  Daniel Overbey It is great to see the design profession becoming more sophisticated with energy modeling and design performance analysis. New tools and methodologies are allowing designers to go beyond crude rules-of-thumb and over-simplified calculations to make better informed design decisions. This is especially evident in the realm of daylighting analysis, where the emergence of dynamic metrics is enabling… Read More

Three Dimensions of Interaction in Office Design

By: Jill Mendoza We are all aware of the growing enthusiasm for replacing private offices with open floor plans in order to encourage community and collaboration. More than a dozen studies have examined the behavioral effects of such redesigns. There’s some evidence that removing physical barriers and bringing people closer to one another does promote casual interactions. But there’s a… Read More

Saving the World One Sample at a Time: Part II

By: Yvonne Rush & Lindsay Ferro As you read in our Saving the World One Sample at a Time: Part I there are many reasons why you should recycle samples (and everything else!), but have you ever thought about how you could give those items a new life? Check out some of these great DIY upcycled projects using material samples… Read More

Saving the World One Sample at a Time: Part I

By: Lindsay Ferro & Yvonne Rush Recently the Indianapolis design community has been participating in a program called Zero Landfill. The organization encourages architects, designers, and vendor reps to collect outdated and unused material samples to be donated to local artists and educators who can find a new life for the samples. Many items are upcycled into awesome, one of… Read More

Evolution of Branding

By: Lee Boyland Abundant are the articles about technology being ever-changing and integrated into how we work, but what about the changes in branding that have occurred in the recent past? I came across a blog, “Branding in workplace design plays an increasingly important role,” by Paul Howard on addressing this topic. As I think about the way branding… Read More