Month: December 2014

2014 Is So Last Year…. Top Trends & Products To Look Forward To In 2015

By:  Yvonne Rush and Lindsay Ferro Looking back on 2014, we were able to experience and see some innovative, exciting, and interesting trends and products in the marketplace. 2014 brought us orchids that radiated, glowing roads, and of course, a new iPhone. Open offices raised panels and created more spaces for individual focus. We see technology becoming more and more… Read More

Hudson Company Mushroom Wood

By:  Julie Knight I recently spoke with Jamie Hammel, president of the Hudson Company, a 30,000 square foot lumber mill in Pine Plains, New York and showroom in Brooklyn.  The business was founded in 1995 and he describes his company as “a vertically integrated mill” that specializes in antique lumber for flooring, paneling and beams.  We “hand-make everything we sale… Read More

Holiday Greetings 2014

We have been abundantly blessed in 2014 with the addition of four new associates, Katie Greve, Kris Kleinknight, Dana McNutt and Rhonda Wessel. We are excited about the growth of our IDO family because it reflects the growing trust of our existing clients in our services; and the faith our new clients have placed in us to bring life to… Read More

Servant Leadership

By:  Lee Boyland As we near the end of the year (can you believe 2014 is almost over!?!), we tend to reflect on the year’s accomplishments and evaluate our performance. In which areas have we succeeded and in which can we improve? One of the many reasons I am so proud to work for IDO is because of the genuine… Read More

Is Your Desk Chair Leaving You Hot and Cold?

By Janet H. Thomas, RID Have you ever felt suddenly hot or cold while sitting at your desk at work? Have you ever grabbed a sweater as you left your chair and started walking around? Did you ever think the culprit for the temperature change was possibly your chair? In a Solutions Essay developed by Herman Miller the Attributes of Thermal… Read More

Sometimes, business relationships take years to form but when they positively and successfully connect, the sky’s the limit … and they keep coming back!

By:  Gary K. Pino, FMP When I was a much younger Project Manager, the greatest tribute I ever received from a Client was, “Thank you very much for a job well done.”  Then, as I “grew-up”, I graduated to the next phase of being praised by hearing the client say, “Wow, you helped our company successfully take this project from… Read More

Tis the Season

By: Donna Metallic As we enter the Holiday Season IDO would like to share a wonderful opportunity that you could get involved in this year.  At IDO We Care about our community and those who need a little help this season to make it brighter. “Pack the Pantries’ is an annual event that is committed to support Mayor Ballard’s citywide… Read More

Tis the Season

By: Cherie Anderson This week marks the time of year when most of us take time to show gratitude for the many blessings in our lives and share with our family and friends. During this time of year, I look forward to the sights, smells and tastes of the holidays, which for me; always evokes pleasant memories of years past… Read More

Introducing New Technology into Field Verification

By: Rhonda Wessel Recently, I have had the opportunity to introduce my colleagues to something new.  A new electronic way to gather information that is quicker, better, and more accurate.  After years of doing equipment and furniture inventories the old fashioned / manual way of using paper, pen and a tape measure, I had always wondered if there was an… Read More