Month: March 2015

Office Furniture Trends for 2015

By: Rhonda Wessel As we have entered 2015 work environments have become more mobile and creating an increased work/life balance.  With the increasing use of technology in the workplaces making workers more mobile the standard cubicle is going away allowing for more collaborative or open office environments.  The trend is to design more informal shared spaces.  These areas are now defined… Read More

Mid-century Modern Style homes still relevant today

By: Jill Mendoza About the time many of us baby boomers were being born, a real estate developer named Joseph Eichler was constructing some 11,000 homes in California. Between 1949 and 1974, Eichler was taking his inspiration from architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, having resided in one of the homes he designed. Eichler’s designs gave a typical tract home a… Read More

Culture Clash

By: Tony White The other day Janet came over to my desk and told me to check out a website she had discovered on LinkedIn. When I pulled up the website for Chicago Creative Space (CCS).  I was immediately sucked in for the next hour or so. You know how sometimes you link to a video on YouTube and hours later… Read More

Shipping Container What?!

By:  Amanda Medlen I have to be completely honest here…it wasn’t until just recently that I became familiar with the concept of “container” homes and buildings.  Last week we had a student job shadowing with us and as we were reviewing her portfolio, one of the project’s design challenges was creating functional space through the use of shipping containers.  I… Read More