Month: April 2015

Can Organizational Performance Impact Workplace Design?

By:  Donna Metallic How can organizational performance impact a good workplace design?   Organizational performance is the analysis of a company’s performance as compared to goals and objectives. To realize this potential impact we have to focus our effort in two areas: Framing workplace design strategies as a business case and viewing our responsibilities as designers in a broader context by integrating organizational management tools as components of the… Read More

The Balance of Openness

By:  Julie Knight Today, more than 70% of employees work in an open office environment. This idea of openness in the workplace in order to be more collaborative with other employees and to advance knowledge sharing of information and increase innovation and productivity has made a big impact in the office.  But the impact of all this limpidity has created… Read More

Office Design Trends to Boost Engagement and Performance

By: Jill Mendoza Recognizing that engagement has a profound influence on performance, forward-thinking companies are working creatively and diligently to raise their own employees’ level of engagement through a variety of initiatives. Office design is often an important component of their efforts. In a recent interview with Bizwomen Magazine IDO was asked to share some of the trends that are changing… Read More

Philippe Starck – Love X 1000!

By:  Kris Kleinknight Without question, French designer and architect Philippe Starck has proven to be one of the most influential designers of the 20th and 21st century. His iconic designs always interject some form of humor along with a strong dose of whimsy and rebellion. He believes in sustainability and democratic ecology as found in his development of affordable:  individual… Read More