Month: May 2015

What Inspires You? – Part II

By: Lindsay Ferro & Yvonne Rush In our previous blog , you read what inspires some of those in the Architectural & Design community. Today, we wanted to see what inspires those outside our industry. Do you think architecture and nature will be as prevalent? I’m inspired by things that make me think differently. I find them in any medium–whether… Read More

What Inspires You? – Part I

By: Lindsay Ferro & Yvonne Rush Merriam-Webster defines inspiration as “a person, place, experience, etc., that makes someone want to do or create something,” which got us thinking…. are people inspired by the same things? What types of people, places, and things inspire others to go out and live better lives? Shouldn’t we live and work in an environment that… Read More

Our Planet: What’s next in Sustainable Design?

By: Janet H. Thomas, RID The EpiCenter in Bozeman, Montana was developed as the first Living Building Challenge during the mid-1990’s. Its intent was to develop the most sustainable design project in the world. The project was developed by BNIM and team member Jason F. McLennan crafted the requirements that became known as Living BuildingTM. This guideline was further refined… Read More

On the MUCH lighter side of things but a true WIN-WIN for all parties involved

By: Gary K. Pino, FMP  As one of my other esteem IDO Incorporated colleagues once said, “I am so lucky to have an employer who encourages and supports community service and involvement.”  In addition to having such a supportive Firm Principal / employer, one of the local industry associations that I have been a member of since the late 1980’s (International… Read More