Month: July 2015

With Great Fashion Comes Great Art

By: Janet H. Thomas, RID Take one Architectural Master and two fashion giants and put them together. What do you get? A fascinating Art complex known as the Prada Foundation. Rem Koolhaas of OMA developed this 200,000 square foot art venue for Miuccia Prada and husband Patrizio Bertelli of Prada, who dominate the fashion world and collect contemporary art. While they… Read More

Giving back

by: Donna Metallic Giving back IDO Incorporated has provided in-kind services to the Greater YMCA of Indianapolis for over eight years.  YMCA’s vision of balancing mind, body and spirit aligns with our own company core values, making our partnership a good fit, as well as a great way to give back to our city.  While we have worked with 11… Read More

Happy Birthday America!

By Kris Kleinknight We Americans celebrate our Nation’s Day of Independence in different ways.  Some people are spending time with family at their lake house; some gather with friends downtown to enjoy their city’s parade or huge fireworks show; some will enjoy a quiet night at home watching the fireworks televised from our Nation’s Capital, and then there are those… Read More

Nanoleaf – a Brighter Future in LED

by: Julie Knight What can beam light 360 degrees and is the shape of a dodecahedron? That is right! The Nanoleaf.  This revolutionary new lighting source has taken the lightbulb to a new level.  Not only is the shape unique but it only uses 7 watts of power which can save you up to $81.00 a year!  And it will… Read More