Month: August 2015

Why Workplace Design Alone Can’t Advance Ones Performance

By: Jill Mendoza Some will say Workplace Design is just another passing trend for companies who are trying to be “cool”, innovative or enticing in their efforts for attracting top talent. Others will claim that you cannot advance the performance of your organization without it….. First, I hope that most who know us will know that we are experts in… Read More

AutoCAD 101: Tips and Tricks

By: Lindsay Ferro and Yvonne Rush As interior designers most of us work in AutoCAD drawings on a daily basis to develop a space plan that works for our clients. Here are 10 tips that we thought may be useful in helping you meet those deadlines! Shortcuts! AutoCAD has many keyboard shortcuts that allow you to create and pick objects… Read More

Those Busy Bees Were Up To Something!

By: Lee Boyland A honeycomb is a fascinating, sweet and incredibly perfect object; but did you also know that the honeycomb is the strongest structure in nature? Humans have adopted it for this reason in many industries including aerospace, product packaging, building and interior design too, of course! Honeybees have inspired the design of the Pantheon in Rome and before… Read More

My Attendance at Aileron … What an Awesome Experience!

By Gary K. Pino, FMP Professional Development is a huge continuous improvement opportunity and positive investment here at IDO Incorporated.  This win-win situation allows for professional advancement for our Associates and helps to continue to solidify the overall strength of our Firm.  In June 2015, I had the opportunity to attend Aileron’s two (2) day Senior Executive course, and walked… Read More


This event has passed, but to read how it went and to stay up to date on future ZeroLandfill Indy events, check out their Facebook page!   Are you a teacher, artist, or generally a crafty person? Check out the blurb below from ZeroLandfill Indy! ZeroLandfillTM projects upcycle expired specification samples from the architectural and interior design industry, making these… Read More