Month: September 2015

Interior Design and the Third Dimension of Printing

By: Julie Knight Question: What new technology is easy to use and allows total personal customization? Answer: Additive Manufacturing or 3D printing 3D printing is a process where anyone can have their unique, personal input in developing a 3D digital file and use the file to create an actual physical item. You can either create the digital file yourself or… Read More

Moving the Masses

  By: Rhonda Wessel If you ever want to experience moving masses of people and how to do it you only need to visit Disney World once in Orlando, Florida.   My family and I spent the week at Disney World and stayed in one of the largest resorts on the property called Pop Century.  Pop Century is the only resort… Read More

Indy gets ”Tagged” by Commission

By: Kris Kleinknight Yes people; Indianapolis has Street Art!  It’s all over the place and new pieces keep popping up!  There are sculptures, digital and electronic installments, and murals galore.  Mayor Ballard started the “Take out the Gray” campaign in 2013 to help create exciting neighborhoods and travel corridors.  This began with the Velocity plan, a community-driven five-year action plan sponsored… Read More

A Well-Designed City

By: Kelsey Venekamp On average, military children make more moves than their civilian counterparts—and I am no exception to this curious fact. North Dakota to Connecticut and many places in-between, growing up with a father in the Air Force offered me the amazing opportunity to travel and experience much of this wonderful world at a young age. With that being… Read More

What Makes Long-Lasting Employees?

By: Amanda Medlen I recently saw a headlining article through LinkedIN entitled ‘5 ways to make employees want to be and stay on your team.’  It really interested me, and I am so glad to have read this as I had several applications and relate-able confirmations from my own work experiences thus far. This article is packed and I mean… Read More