Month: December 2015

2016 Color Forecasts: Passionate Pursuit

By: Julie Knight The 2016 color forecast by Sherwin Williams is now available.  And new the Color Mix collection is called the “Passionate Pursuit.”  The collection reminds us that our culture is socially engaged, wanting vintage workmanship and utilizing materials that seem not of this world. The new forecast has four difference color palettes: Pura Vida, Mas Amor Por Favor,… Read More

Cheers to a New Year!

By: Jill Mendoza Happy New Year, to All: The beginning of the year can sometimes be as chaotic time as the end, especially in the swirl of closing out another extraordinary year.  It is this time of year that I’m compelled to pause and reflect on the source of our success—every IDO client, business partner and IDO family member who… Read More


By: Rhonda Wessel It’s that busy time of year again.  The rushing around, shopping, baking, and trimming the tree.   Christmas parties, taking the kids to see Santa and remembering to move Elf on the Shelf so that your child can believe in the magic of Christmas.  There is nothing like seeing a child’s face light up at the anticipation of sitting… Read More

A Few Things I Have Learned from My IDO Family…

By: Lee Boyland When we spend as much time with people as we do our co-workers, we start to learn not just skills pertaining to our career, but also the small stuff – the life stuff that we have adapted as our own. As the holiday season came upon us this year and my family and I were putting up… Read More

The Happiness Resolution

By: Kelsey Venekamp With 2015 quickly coming to an end, the chatter of ‘new beginnings’ and ‘fresh starts’ fills the air, as we begin to pen our priorities in the New Year. While our resolutions are often aimed at improving our minds, our bodies or our hearts, why not take a year to dedicate our resolutions to creating a more… Read More

Thankfulness and Blessings

By: Amanda Medlen In this time of Thanksgiving and the joyous holiday season, I have been abundantly reminded of the great people that I am surround by, day in and day out.   (And now you are thinking… ‘Here she goes again….getting all sentimental…’) No, really, I feel extremely blessed to work with such wonderful people.  Some for over 11 years… Read More