Month: February 2016

Habits of Leadership @idoincorporated – Part 2

THREE: Remove obstacles that keep others from succeeding To continue my series on Habits of Leadership, habit #3 reminds us that great leaders serve the people who work in their organizations. That means that focusing solely on your own needs will hinder your climb. If you want to develop your leadership potential, start to think about how you can help… Read More

Why Do Emoticons Make Us Happy?

By Lindsay Ferro & Yvonne Rush In our previous blog about the IIDA Fashion Show, you read about how we were inspired by emoticons for our “upbeat” garment. We knew emoticons (or emojis) made us happy based off our own experiences with them. We smile and laugh all of the time when one of our coworkers Lync messages us anything… Read More

IIDA Indiana Design Collide Fashion Show

By Lindsay Ferro & Yvonne Rush This past Friday IDO participated in the IIDA Indiana Avant Garb Fashion Show at the Crane Bay Event Center. Local designers partnered with commercial sponsors to create extravagant outfits constructed mainly from their sponsor’s product, while also representing a specific theme. This year’s theme was “Design Collide,” combining a color and personality that was… Read More

Communication – Has it Progressed or Regressed?

By: Lee Boyland In recent personal dealings, I’ve found myself trying to figure out how to communicate certain information to someone. My first instinct is to communicate through a passive mode such as text messaging, but I know a phone call or face-to-face conversation would be more meaningful and sincere to that person, which lead me to thinking, ‘what about… Read More

Workplace Trends: What are the professionals doing?

By: Janet H. Thomas, RID There’s so much buzz about workplace trends in the office environment. Opinions are abundant on what the environment should be to promote the most creativity, productivity and cultural connectedness. So I asked myself, are the Industry professionals promoting these trends actually following them in their own work environments? Some on-line research revealed the following: Environment –… Read More