Month: May 2016

ACE Mentoring: Engage, Excite, & Enlighten

By: Lindsay Ferro With graduation soon approaching for many students, I can’t help but remember when I was a high school senior getting ready to walk across the stage and begin a whole new chapter of my life. It was just a short EIGHT years ago that I graduated from high school. (It’s crazy how time flies!) I can easily… Read More

A Workplace Renaissance

By: Jill Mendoza In a recent trip to the beautiful Tuscan city of Florence I was reminded of my college Art History class where we talked a lot about the Renaissance period which literally translates as “rebirth”. In fact the true birthplace of the Renaissance was said to be Florence Italy. During this period two ideas took root; the concept… Read More

First Friday Fun!

By: Lee Boyland As summer approaches, and we begin to leave our cozy abodes to flock to the outdoors, I am reminded of “First Friday,” which happens to be tomorrow for the month of May 🙂 So, I thought I’d see what’s going on in Indianapolis on this first Friday of May. Did you know there is a website dedicated… Read More