Month: August 2016

Adjusting to this crazy thing called LIFE

By: Amanda Medlen I have several passions and interests, both in business and life as a whole, but as it relates to business, two of my chart-topping highs are in regards to work-life balance and entire team collaboration for the sustained future and longevity of the business. One of my fondest quotes – “I believe you can learn something from… Read More

A Real Story

A real story from Aileron, an organization dedicated to helping private businesses grow – In 2014, Jill Mendoza spent 2 days out of the office to work “on” our business by attending Aileron’s Course for Presidents. As Founder and President of IDO Incorporated, she now shares what has changed for her personally, and for her organization, since she took this program.

7 Ways Design has Influenced the Olympics at Rio

By: Lindsay Ferro It’s that time again! The summer Olympics are officially here and creating excitement all over the world as we cheer on our favorite teams and players every day. Every two years, I am reminded of all the little details and design that go into preparing for the games whether summer or winter.  This year it has inspired… Read More

Is it Grey or Gray?

By: Lee Boyland After a recent discussion with fellow associates about the spelling of the color grey/gray, I found myself wondering what is so intriguing about this particular color! To fill you in on our conversation, we learned from that “gray” is the preferred spelling in American English, and that “grey” is preferred in all other varieties of written… Read More

HoloLens and the Future of Architecture

By: Janet Thomas, RID On March 30, 2016 Microsoft launched HoloLens, a wearable computer that mixes virtual reality with augmented reality to create a Mixed reality, one in which holograms are overlayed with the real world. Microsift issued an invitation to developers globally to take the tool and develop apps that build on the HoloLens platform. For the world of… Read More