Month: October 2016

Sustainability 202 – A Facility Manager’s Perspective Part 2

By: Gary K. Pino, FMP, SFP Having had the opportunity to enroll in and successfully complete the IFMA Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP) designation course, I was bombarded with mind boggling SUSTAINABLE facts, figures and opinions to help me understand what is needed to “develop the knowledge and skills to envision, plan and implement strategic sustainability programs in existing facilities.” One of… Read More

Introduction to WELL Building Standard

By: Donna Metallic Last week I attended the USGBC of Indiana’s State of the Climate education series.  I was so inspired by the presentation that Dan Overbey of BDMD presented: Introduction of the WELL Building Standard, that I had to investigate just a little deeper to see if this performance based system aligns with my passion to create healthy environments… Read More

The Importance of Staying Humble

By: Sara Kotarski As the winter holidays quickly approach (or at least in the world of retail they seem to be), I always find myself reflecting on my past year and what events led me to where I am now. What did I do to better myself? What did I do to better those around me? What goals should I… Read More

Collaboration in the Lab Environment

By: Yasha Ogg With the shift in the workplace to a collaborative environment, research laboratories are starting to become more open with multiple bays of research areas. Traditional laboratories were designed for safety, broad range of experiments, and were easily repeatable. Each laboratory had the same utilities for water, gases, and waste. In terms of workstations, usually there is a… Read More