Month: November 2016

A Season of Thanks!

By: Amanda Medlen Coming out of the Thanksgiving Holiday season it is especially timely to look around, reflect and give thanks for the many people and blessings in our lives.  I, personally, have many things that I am extremely thankful for….both big and small…and way too many to pour out within this small blog platform!  As it relates to my… Read More

Building IDO’s Tomorrow

By: Jill Mendoza  When you think of tomorrow you may not be thinking specifically of Hamilton the Musical or Costa Rica or even Ballroom Dancing but as we look to the future and continue to build our IDO team, we have! How many of us wish we could assemble the perfect team? How many times have you or someone on your team said: “If… Read More

Learning to Be Creatively Confident

By: Lee Boyland I would describe myself as a once-avid reader; however, I have had to push this hobby to the way back burner in recent years. On vacation a few months back, when I had several hours to ride in the car on the way there, and on the way back, as well as some lounging beach time in… Read More

Maker Culture – Time to Refresh Your Design Mojo

By Janet H. Thomas, RID The maker culture ( is a technology based extension of more traditional activities such as metalworking, wood working and traditional crafts and arts. Typical technology interests enjoyed by the maker culture include electronics, robotics, 3-D printing, and the use of CNC tools. Maker culture builds on constructivism, learning by doing similar to a craftsman… Read More