Month: March 2017

World Water Day for the Win

By: Kelsey Venekamp World Water Day is held annually on March 22nd to help bring attention to a crisis faced by millions around the globe—limited access to fresh, clean water. This year’s theme ‘why wastewater’ emphasizes the significance of improving water quality by reducing the amount of untreated wastewater and increasing recycling and safe reuse globally. While water makes up… Read More

Workplace Planning and Psychology

By: Catie Sterling While beginning to work on some major office area renovations, my team has to discuss several different factors based on our client, such as the existing space they’re working in, their wants vs. needs, technology, collaboration styles, etc.  Floor Plans & Freud: The Psychology of Workplace Planning, an article from Interiors & Sources’ Continuing Education Series, dives… Read More

Who Couldn’t Use a Productivity Boost?!

By: Amanda Medlen RID I recently read an article entitled, “9 Bad Habits You Must Break To Be More Productive” by Dr. Travis Bradberry (one of my favorite Linked “INfluencers”).  The list of bad habits read as followed: Impulsively surfing the Internet Perfectionism Meetings Responding to e-mails as they arrive Hitting the snooze button Multitasking Putting off tough tasks Using… Read More

100 Years of De Stijl: The Pre-cursor of Modern Art and Architecture

By: Janet Thomas, RID 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the introduction of the De Stijl art movement in Amsterdam, Holland. Piet Mondrian ( ) and Theo van Doesburg ( founded the movement to provide a new voice for modern art after the chaos of World War I. Mondrian referred to this highly structured art form Neo-Plasticism or “New Art”…. Read More