Balanced Living

So many events, encounters, observations, conversations and experiences related to this topic, in just this week alone, that it led me to want to write about it and share a little.  Apologies in advance, for what might come across as random ramblings…but a topic that I am extremely passionate about nonetheless!

I will lead off with, and continue to quote from a book that our staff in currently reading entitled, ‘The Great Game of Business.’ (Side note: A great, easy and enjoyable read that I would highly recommend!)

A heading entitled “Keeping Work in its Place” really grabbed my attention and from the beginning reads, “I really don’t want people to work more than forty hours a week.  That’s enough.  People should have balance in their lives. If they do, they’ll be happier.”  The author goes on to say, “People should be giving that time to their families.”  Wow, I could not agree more!  I have observed dear friends and colleagues working into the wee hours of the night only to be up super early and continuing right where they left off.  I can see the exhaustion that they are taxed with and can even feel the effects through some of their communications and actions.  It’s just not healthy and studies have shown that time and time again….another elaboration for another follow-up blog I suppose. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I am all about completing assignments in a timely matter and making sure that all responsibilities are covered and deadlines are met, but I also value my time outside of work, especially the moments that I have with my husband and our two young children.  Not that I do it ALL the time but some of my most favorite days are the days with built in flexibility…the days where I can have dedicated, quiet work time remotely; all the while, later, connecting with teammates via an online screen share and collaboration over the phone; then slipping over to the kids’ school to volunteer for an hour and/or have lunch with one of them. 🙂 The kids’ reactions to me being there and being completely present and in the moment really drives it home for me.  THIS is where I need to be…to be committed not only to my company but to be fully present in my family’s life.  THIS sweet spot.  THIS harmonious spot.

Sometimes easier said than done, I know, but the seasons in life where it does hit this spot are amazing!

Lastly, I will leave you with this remaining quote from the book that I had pulled,

“I don’t mind people putting in some overtime to make extra money, or to make sure they have their responsibilities covered.  But don’t do it at the expense of having a balanced life.”

Written by Amanda Medlen