Month: December 2017

Happy Holidays!

By Sara Kotarski, Associate IIDA, LEED GA What a year it has been! This year, IDO celebrated 25 years in business. That’s 25 years of providing exceptional design service to our clients around the Indianapolis area and beyond. 2017 was a year of pushing our limits, setting and achieving goals, and expanding our IDO family. We are so fortunate to… Read More

A Better Solution?

By: Victoria Numbers, NCIDQ, RID As designers and creators of the built environment, we are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of the public who live, work, and play in our spaces. This charge is taken seriously by the profession and we work diligently to ensure that building codes are met, products and materials are specified correctly and projects… Read More

How To Recycle More Responsibly

By: Julie Knight, RID Did you know there are certain retail manufacturers that have programs to take back items when your local recycler will not? Here are just a few: Patagonia Inc. is an American clothing company that sells outdoor sustainable clothing. The company offers the Worn Wear program that promotes keeping their high-quality garments in action longer through on-line… Read More