A New, Simpler Year

I’ve begun my spring cleaning ahead of Spring this year! During some much-relished time at home the week between Christmas and New Year’s, I spent some time organizing and purging. With the motivation of the book “A Simplified Life” by Emily Ley, and a neighborhood challenge, I went through closets, the toy room, craft supplies, bathroom cabinets, the junk drawer, and the laundry room. I am nowhere near done with the simplifying and purging I’d like to accomplish, so to keep my motivation going, I’m going to share some helpful tips I’ve read and learned that can be applied to the home or workplace setting:

  • Tackle only what you can handle at one time – maybe that’s 10-30 minutes a day on one area of your home/workplace
  • If you haven’t worn or used something in the last year, get rid of it!
  • Bag up the items you no longer need and donate them!
  • It’s ok to leave empty shelves where you once had unneeded items.
  • When it comes to décor – get rid of the clutter and keep only what’s meaningful and brings joy.
  • If you’re hesitating on whether to keep something, get rid of it!
  • Put things away where they belong after using them rather than days later, having many things to sort out and put away.
  • Put into practice simple daily cleaning tasks to make housecleaning a little more manageable (sweeping one day, cleaning the bathrooms another day, etc.)
Written by Lee Boyland