The Power of US

With the Olympics in full swing, in tandem with some recent research and reading that I found myself in, I am strengthening and building upon my already strong beliefs in the power of teamwork.

In this short 55 second video, entitled “How teamwork is the greatest asset at the Olympics,” it talks about the power of individuality being shared and compounded when combined with others.  A must watch for sure!  Here are some of the other excerpts from the video that really stuck with me:

“These are the things that make us better in life, teamwork and collaboration and thinking and fighting and striving together.”

“They say a problem shared is a problem halved or success can be magnified when coupled with a friend too.”

“Sometimes it’s a friend in need, one who has suffered through past struggles but needs you now and you were there.  There’s valor in that, and pride and enjoyment too.”

Obviously, it’s easy to see examples of ‘teams’ in sports and events such as hockey, bobsledding and couples figure skating but what about in the more individual sports such as snowboarding and downhill skiing?  If you drill deeper, and think of the whole, there are a “team” of people that led to that more apparent individual success…..coaches, trainers, competitive peers, cheering and supportive fans, family and friends.

Written by Amanda Medlen