How to Gain Support for your Decisions

Sharing the “why” behind decisions is something Jill Mendoza, our Founder and President of IDO Incorporated, has always tried to do. “But, as Jill explains in this recent Forbes Article, the operative word is ‘tried.’”

Over the years, Jill has learned there are multiple factors that can influence how successful you are at empowering team members by sharing the “why” with them.  Acknowledging that you will not always score a perfect 10, in your decision making, Jill believes the following factors are helpful:

  • Timing
  • Access to the information and/or knowledge related to a decision
  • Ability to understand the information, even when it’s complex
  • Ability to use the right lens when analyzing information
  • Having a general climate of trust
 Last November, Jill was reminded of these factors when planning the budget for the upcoming year. “There were several moving parts to evaluate,” explains Jill, “and many decisions had to be made—and quickly.” To read more
IDO Team
Written by IDO Team