The Botanical Trend

Commercial plant products from companies such as Artisan Moss, Verde Profilo, and LiveWall are becoming increasingly popular in the market right now. This is partially due to the “botanical trend” that seems to have blossomed into the interior design industry over the past year. Companies of all shapes and sizes are introducing living plants as a design element in their offices. But more important than the aesthetic of these decorative plants…is the science behind them.

We all know that indoor plants have numerous physical-health benefits. They can reduce carbon dioxide levels, increase humidity in the dry months, and decrease levels of pollutants and airborne dust, leading to overall better air quality. However, did you know that plants can also improve your psychological health? Multiple studies have shown that including plants in an office’s design can increase an employee’s productivity by nearly 15%. Here’s why:

Human connection to nature is literally in our DNA. The theory for this is known as the Biophilia hypothesis, meaning –“the idea that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life”. The sight, smells, and sounds of nature give us a feeling of calmness and comfort. Numerous studies on the subject lead to the same result: When you include nature and plants in an office’s design, employees experience better concentration and creativity. Additionally, employee engagement and attention spans increase, leading to interactions that are more productive and fewer mistakes due to less distraction.

So not only are plants a breath of fresh air and a bright pop of color, they are actually an active member of your team, working to increase productivity and happiness of your employees. No wonder people are jumping onboard the botanical trend!

Written by Sara Kotarski