Building our Future

In previous announcements we have asked the question, how many of us wish we could assemble the perfect team? How often have you heard someone say: “If only we could find the right talent? Talent that brings promise and value to our existing team. Talent that fits our needs as an organization and the needs of our clients.”

Well it is an exciting time here at IDO for as we have our vision set on the future of our organization, we have had many opportunities to find just the right talent and we are pleased to introduce you to Jean Patterson and Brittany Parksey.

Jean, a life-long Hoosier, manages IDO’s financial activities. She has experience in both public and non-public accounting. With a passion for learning new things, Jean is excited to be in the design environment.

As interior designers go, not many of us can install the flooring we have designed and specified but Brittany can. Brittany has blended her creative and collaborative mindset for interior design with her interest in construction management.

May you join us in welcoming them to our team and may you enjoy getting to know them and work alongside them as much as we have!

IDO Team
Written by IDO Team