IDO 2.0: The Next Chapter

Hello from IDO Incorporated!

I hope everyone is staying well and safe during these uncertain times. Here at IDO we are still very much connected and helping our community stay united through innovative design. Speaking of connectivity, you may notice that IDO Incorporated has a refreshed look. It’s an exciting time for our organization – our knowledge and growth has brought new projects, new members to the team, new concepts for our clients, and led us to the development of the next generation of Industry Leaders. Amidst all of the uncertainty, we see a wealth of opportunity in the coming days, months and years to advance the quality of health, wellness and equity for everyone we serve.  This is why we believe we are in an extraordinary moment here at IDO, for the greater the challenges, the greater the opportunity for growth, development and learning!

What is IDO 2.0?

IDO 2.0 was developed to introduce the next generation of design excellence within our organization, identify our newly formed leadership team, and showcase the IDO 2.0 Team as we write our next chapter. Our new IDO 2.0 structure ignites our energy to grow, by nurturing our relationships and the cultivation of positive change. This growing team of next gen designers is dedicated to exceptional standards in interior design, operations, and culture. We have invested in preparing our organization for the future and fine-tuning our strategic direction, an element of which are the promotions of our next generation of organizational leadership in Amanda Medlen, and  Lee Boyland.

What we’re saying with IDO 2.0 should not sound unfamiliar to those who have worked with us. Our mission is what we have always known about ourselves: we provide innovative, integrated interior design solutions and strive to be trusted consultants to our clients and business partners, providing remarkable environments that enhance the quality of life for end-users and the populations they serve. This mission has not deviated from when I started IDO in a small bedroom of our home in 1992. We have made mistakes, loved, lost, grieved, celebrated, and most importantly matured into the interior design organization you know (and trust) today. I can assure you that will never change. However, making this announcement, officially, brings the first of the many positive changes we are implementing to continue our success in the future.

What’s Next?

The investment in preparing and developing the IDO Leadership Team (et al) allows me to begin the process of stepping away from day-to-day responsibilities. This will be an incremental, gradual change on my part and the part of IDO. For those who know me well, know I will probably stay way past my welcome!

While I am not “sunsetting” myself just yet, I am excited for this next chapter in my life but naturally nervous of the unknown. My involvement in the interior design community will not change. I will continue to guide the IDO team, serve out my board commitments, and continue to find other opportunities where I can be of use. In the meantime, thank you for your unwavering commitment to me and our interior design organization over the last (nearly three) decades. Now that the news is finally out, I encourage you to get to know our IDO 2.0 Team of design professionals by visiting their bios on our website. Click here.

Lastly, I leave you with a few parting words. I am incredibly proud of the work that we do and so very thankful for our associates, the partnerships, vendor relationships, and clients that we have built connections with throughout the years. I am elated to see how this team evolves and the new bonds they will form.  I believe this Akan proverb speaks to the current environment we are living in and this IDO chapter; “Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it.” —  and I urge you to keep an eye on IDO as we continue to transform the next generation of business leaders in the Interior Design Industry.

Best regards:  Jill Mendoza, Founder

Written by Jill Mendoza