Imagine The Pressure 2021 Is Feeling?

Here at IDO, we end this year with many different thoughts and feelings about this past year and our path forward.  For the design industry, although there have been challenges, we feel very fortunate IDO has not seen the same impact this year as many other smaller businesses in the service sector.

As we look forward to 2021, we don’t want 2020 to be a bad memory we wish to forget, rather we want it to be our inspiration. So, to end our year, both in reflection and inspiration, we invited our team to share six-words describing the most important thing they learned in 2020. This is a style of writing popularized by author Larry Smith called “The Six-Word Memoir” and was our inspiration for this message. The rules are simple. You must have a total of six words but NOT six random words from the dictionary, punctuation is NOT a word, and no need to worry about grammar in your memoir. Have you been thinking about your six-words? Are they light-hearted? Are they deep in thought? Were you inspired by someone or something in 2020? Are you grateful for someone or something in 2020? Is your memoir about life, love, happiness, hope, fear, pain, or something else? Are you turning this reflection into your new year’s resolution? Ok, enough questions. Are you ready to craft your own six-word memoir? If not, here is the IDO teams’ six-word memoirs to help get your creative juices flowing. The pressure’s on 2021, but we are entering it with gratitude and hope!

  • Appreciation, gratefulness for every little thing.
  • Never taking “normal” for granted again!
  • Facetiming with grandchildren is a blessing!
  • 2021. This year not yet rated.
  • Always darker days before brighter ones.
  • I stopped expecting and started appreciating.
  • In this together, made US stronger.
  • Time is the most valuable possession.
  • Prioritization – Faith. Self Care. Relationships. Connectedness.
  • Love hubby, but go to work.
  • Possibilities are born of faith within.

In 2020, our community connections have (and will always) inspire our work. As a tribute to those connections, we continue to support the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis with an annual corporate pledge. We thank everyone at the YMCA for their tireless efforts in serving our communities throughout this challenging year and are a true inspiration to us all. In addition to our continued support of the YMCA, we are proud to have also supported organizations such as Habitat for Humanity: Women Build and Dance Kaleidoscope.

In the end, one of the greatest gifts you can give this Holiday Season is to let people know how much you appreciate them. Gratitude doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It lives in our relationships and is deepened when it is shared in words–not just felt in our hearts. With that said, cheers to all our cherished connections! May your New Year be both inspired by your reflections and charmed by the possibilities that lie within!

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Written by Jill Mendoza